The ViVo Mouse® is a powerful way to control your computer with your head and voice. Regardless of which model you use, you need a webcam to use the ViVo Mouse. Although the ViVo Mouse will work with pretty much any webcam, the quality of the webcam may affect how well the ViVo functions. The ViVo is also machine-dependent. Some machines, especially older ones, will not run the software. For system requirements, see the below list or visit the ViVo overview

• Go for a frame rate of 30 fps (or as close as possible).
• Built-in webcams on laptops are often poor quality. Try an external USB webcam instead, such as the Logitech C525 or newer.
• Use a reasonably good webcam. We recommend the Logitech C525 or later for optimal performance.
• Make sure you have the latest drivers for your webcam.
• The power of your computer is important. You should have at least a dual-core processor, 2.4 GHz or greater.

Extensive webcam setup instructions and troubleshooting are available in the software help files as well as our ViVo Support pages.

System Requirements
• Windows 7 , 8, XP, Vista, PC
• 1GB Ram
• 50 MB hard disk space
• Intel or AMD dual-Core processor, 2.4 GHz or greater
• WebCam