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What is Vortant Technologies?

Vortant Technologies is a design and engineering firm creating innovative & beneficial solutions through research and collaboration. Our mission is to bring concepts to reality in order to address societal and environmental challenges and problems.

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The new Smooth Point mouse technology is now available for purchase!

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“I bought ViVo mouse to go with Dragon naturally speaking last year. ViVo mouse has been a great addition when surfing the web, choosing e-books, working at my business and selecting specific categories on the profit and loss. Although I’ve been able to do this with Dragon under the command, MouseGrid, the head cursor is much more efficient and quick. Sometimes spelling the word with the Microsoft on-screen keyboard is quicker than training a voice system. For me, the ViVo mouse has been invaluable and when I was stymied with an installation question their service has not only been quick but also solved my issues” -Kathryn


Grants & Awards

We have a long history of R&D excellence and have received awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Education (ED), and the State of North Carolina.

Innovation & Expertise

We have a highly-qualified R&D team that is always working on the next generation of products. We often team with non-profits, universities and other companies to bring concepts and ideas to reality. We also have a long history of providing contract engineering services in the design and development of products. For more information, visit our  Contract Engineering page.

People & Planet

We identify needs, create innovative designs, and bring concepts to a cost-effective reality in order to address societal and environmental needs. Historically, our primary area of focus has been assistive technologies, highlighted by the innovative ViVo Mouse®.

Research Partners
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